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Remediation and Environmental Management Services, Inc.

35 Winthrop Street

Winchester, MA 01890

(781) 721-4455







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REMSERV, Inc. provides concise answers and direction to our Clients’ needs for guidance through the maze of state and federal regulations.

REMSERV, Inc. List of Services

REMSERV, Inc.’s list of services involves working with synthetic VOCs, PCBs, inorganic/organic species with regard to the following environments and settings:

· Fractured bedrock assessment in crystalline/sedimentary environments

· Vapor and aqueous migration assessment including plume modeling

· Remedial technology selection and implementation

· Technical and regulatory education course instruction to the federal and private sector on management, risk and regulatory issues

· Peer review liability negotiations associated with multi-party RPs

· Dispute resolution of multi-party liability resolution including petroleum aging techniques, expert witness testimony, cleanup cost projections, source dating through fate & transport time estimates for source zone and contaminant distribution time relationships

· Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation

· Emergency Response


REMSERV, Inc. combines our knowledge of the regulatory process with an in depth understanding of technical issues from risk assessment calculations to remediation equipment performance specifications. In short, when you hire REMSERV, Inc., you’ve hired people who can translate complicated issues into practical, no nonsense solutions with a “down-to-earth” approach.